The Lost Caves of Britain

Originally made as a 16mm film and now available on video, The Lost Caves of Britain details the present state of preservation of Britain's caves. Commentary is by David Attenborough. It starts by looking at Wookey Hole as an example of a show cave and explains that few people understand how caves are formed. A brief explanation of cave formation is followed by an illustration of the importance of caves from both a scientific and recreational point of view.

The remainder of the film goes on to show specific examples of the conservation of caves and the threats from pollution. Also how cavers face up to the fact that their own activities cause erosion and damage to formations. In concluding it shows how conservation is up to those people who care, the cavers. Photography is up to the excellent standard we have come to expect from Sid Perou and the commentary is at a level that everyone can readily understand.

Copies of the video are available from the National Caving Association.

All proceeds from sales are used in the furtherance of cave conservation via the United Kingdom Cave Conservation Emergency Fund.

Please support Cave Conservation by purchasing a copy of this video.