The building is fitted with a door entry system with keypads situated ate the front door and the side door at the end of the building. Visitors are given a key code for use during their stay. to enter the building the code has to be entered onto the keypad and the enter key pressed. This will release the lock. If there is a delay entering the door the code will have to be entered again. To code is only required to gain entry. To exit the building the large green exit button on the inside has to be pressed and this unlocks the door. Similar to entry , if there is a delay opening the door the button will have to be pressed again.

The first person to arrive at Larkshall will only be able to enter the building via the front door. The side door is disabled until first entry is made via the front door. At this time the alarm system is operational and entry via the front door automatically disables the security system. When the security system is disabled the end door is usable.

The doors from the kitchen and sitting room to the rear are both key operated.  Keys to both doors are on hanging in the signing in area.

Please ensure that all doors are closed and locked when leaving the building empty either during or when leaving after your stay.



A full burglar alarm system is installed in the building. If the alarm system is armed, when the front door is unlocked it will automatically be deactivated. The alarm system is not automatically armed and this has to be physically done by a user. To arm the burglar alarm the code provided for entry to the building needs to be entered on the key pad close to the Exit Button inside the front door.  When the code is entered and return pressed a beeping will be heard and there will be 30 seconds to leave the building before the system is armed. If arming needs to be cancelled, entering the code a second time will do this.

Very Important:

The alarm system is linked to a security company who will automatically call the police when it is activated. False alarms cost the club money as the system has to be reset by an alarm company engineer. The club will have to recover the costs from those responsible for any false alarms so please note the following:

Before arming the alarm system please ensure all windows and external doors are shut and locked, and that nobody is left in the building (check the bunkrooms!). Entry can only be made via the front door when the alarm is set.



The cooking facilities run on LPG. There is an isolator valve in the corner of the kitchen by the sink which will need to be turned on. TURN THIS OFF AT THE END OF YOUR STAY!

If you smell gas turn off the supply, open windows & doors, and inform the Warden or other club officer.



The main stopcock is situated inside the building by the side door.  In winter months please ensure this is turned off and the system drained (valve in corner of ladies washroom) at the end of your stay.



The consumer unit/main power switch is situated by the side door. Mains power should always be left turned on, however do ensure all lights are turned off and all appliances are unplugged/switched off. Please report any defects.



There is a landline telephone service to the building.  The phone may be used for calls to UK land lines. Calls to mobiles should be limited to very brief and emergency calls only. The line accepts all incoming calls. The telephone number is 01749 841072.

Internet is available for web browsing and email only. Downloading of large files, particularly music, films etc, is not allowed as this will quickly use all the download availability and make the service unavailable to everyone else. The password is available upon request. To enable us to maintain this service please leave a donation in the collection box provided.



The building is provided with background heating from a central heating system run from an oil fired boiler. The system is pre-programmed and is not controllable by users of the building.

The main heating during normal use of the premises is from the stove in the lounge. There may be wood in the wood store but this is for use by members only unless special arrangements have been made.  The fire operates best using coal and visiting groups are advised to bring a bag or two. Most local shops/petrol stations stock coal but it is most certainly available at the the local shop in Stoke St Michael, or from Right Price DIY in Shepton Mallet. It is advisable to check you have means of lighting the fire. When the stove is alight it can can provide heating to the rest of the building iof the lounge door is left open.  Please clean the stove before leaving and dispose of ash in the bin provided.



Hot water is continuously available being supplied by the combination oil boiler that also provides background central heating. Please do not leave hot taps running as it is very costly.  One of the showers is supplied from the boiler and the other two are electric.



A drying room is available in the changing area. The heating is coin operated.  Please do not hang dripping or very muddy items in the room.



Please use the blue rubbish sacks provided (USE SPARINGLY AS WE HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM AND THEY ARE EXPENSIVE), and place in the rubbish store by front gate. THESE ARE THE ONLY SACKS THE REFUSE COLLECTORS WILL TAKE SO DO NOT LEAVE ANY OTHERS.  Recycling boxes are provided in the kitchen - please use them and if possible take away any recyclable materials.

If you are able to take away any rubbish or recyclable items it will be appreciated.



Please ensure fridges are turned off, the doors left open, and any food is removed on leaving. Also please ensure the kitchen is clean and tidy and all the washing-up done.



There is a selection of bunkrooms with varying numbers of beds. One of the bunkrooms is reserved for members.  Guests are not permitted to use the members bunkroom without permission. Guest will be allocated a room by the Bookings Officer.

To comply with fire regulations, sleeping is not permitted in other parts of the building. 

Please be considerate to other users.



There is plenty of space available for camping.  Anyone wishing to camp for privacy or any other reason is welcome to do so.  All hut facilities are available to anyone camping.  Fees are the same as for using the bunkrooms.



Dogs are only allowed to stay by arrangement.  Visitors with dogs, either daytime or overnight, should be vigilant as to where their animals go to the toilet and should immediately collect and properly dispose of any dog mess.  Remember that someone has to cut the grass, and that the property is often used by children and for camping. Dogs are not allowed in the bunk rooms under any circumstances, and must be kept off the furniture. 



Everyone is welcome to use the BBQ facilities at the rear of the property providing it is left clean and tidy.

There is an obvious bonfire area at the rear.  If there is material already there then it is most likely being collected for a special occasion.  Do not burn it without permission.  If you want to have a bonfire then you are welcome to do so subject to the above and you providing all your only material to be burnt. Please discuss this with the Warden.  Wood in the wood store should not be used under any circumstances.



All damage and breakages should be reported to the Warden and must be paid for, or made good.  If you do cause any damage please do own up and let us know so we can get it sorted out.



Ensure all lights and appliances are turned off, gas is turned off, and the water is off. Open the drain tap in the corner of the ladies shower and turn on taps in washing area and kitchen (hot and cold), during the winter months. Put full rubbish bags in the bins by the front gate for collection.

Please leave the building cleaner than you found it!

Finally, the last person out should make sure the burglar alarm is armed.



Any problems during your stay please contact any of the following:

Lee Angell (Larkshall Warden) - 07772 988015
Graham Price - 07977 290003 or 01749 840795
Paul Hadfield - 07971 471940 or 01749 676444
Rick Gledhill (Larkshall Bookings Only) - 07723 006520


Cerberus Spelaeological Society
Fosse Road

October 2020