Cave Surveys

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Cave Original Scale Notes
A Hole    
Agen Allwedd    
Agen Allwedd Plan    
Avelines Hole 1:120  
Balch Cave (Plan) 1:120  
Balch Cave (Sections) 1:120  
Browns Hole 1:120  
Browns Hole   Including extension
Browns Folly Mine    
Carlswark Cavern 1:600  
Carlswark Cavern 1:1450  
Cefn Cave    
Cheddar Gorge (Caves of) 1:1150  
Chikker Cave, Morocco    
Cnon nan Uamh, Sunderland 1:360  
Coalpithole Rake 1:960  
Coopers Hole 1:120  
Cow Hole 1:200 1979 CSS Survey
Cow Hole   1936 Survey from Netherworld  of Mendip
Cuckoo Cleeves 1:450  
Dalimores Cave 1:240  
Dent de Crolles, France    
East Twin Swallet 1:120  
Eastwater Cavern 1:120 Sheet 1 Upper Series Plan
Eastwater Cavern 1:120 Sheet 2
Eldon Hole 1:500  
Fairy Cave Quarry 1:4000  
Fairy Cave Quarry 1:1000  
Fairy/Hilliers/Fernhill/Ducks 1:360  
Fox's Hole, Compton Bishop    
Friouato Cave, Morocco    
Giants Hole / Oxlow Cavern 1:1000  
Giants Hole / Oxlow Cavern 1:4000  
Goatchurch Cavern 1:240  
Gouffre Berger, France    
Harwood Hole, New Zealand    
Hill Cave, Australia    
Hillwithy Cave    
Holwell Cavern 1:150  
Hunters' Hole 1:240  
Hutton No.2 Cavern    
Kef Lahnash, Morocco    
Lamb Leer Cavern 1:240  
Lesser Garth Cave 1:600  
Lionels Hole 1:1000  
Longwood / August (Plan)   Sheet 1
Longwood / August (Plan) 1:300 Sheet 3b
Longwood / August (Upper Series) 1:120  
Longwood / August (Sections) 1:300  
Monkton Farleigh Quarry (MoD)    
Nine Barrows Swallet 1:260  
North Hill Swallet 1:800  
Ogof y Ci 1:1000  
Pate Hole, Cumbria 1:600  
Pate Hole, Cumbria    
Pavement Pit, Australia    
Peak Cavern 1:1300  
Peak Cavern 1:5300  
Perryfoot / Sheepwash etc 1:450  
Perryfoot / Sheepwash etc 1:960  
Picken's Hole    
Pinetree Pot 1:120  
P8 1:200  
P8 1:800  
Quaking House Cave 1:96  
Raufarholshellier, Iceland 1:1000  
Read's Cavern 1:500  
Rhino Rift 1:700  
St Cuthberts Swallet (Plan) 1:480 Addendum No 1
St Cuthberts Swallet (Sections) 1:480  
St Cuthberts Swallet (September Series) 1:480  
St Cuthberts Swallet (Plan) 1:960 Preliminary
Scragg's Hole, Compton Bishop    
Shatter Cave 1:360  
Sidcot Swallet    
Singing River Mine 1:360  
Singing River Mine    
St Dunstans Well Cave    
Stoke Lane Slocker 1:240 Sheet 1
Stoke Lane Slocker   Sheet 2
Swildons Hole 1:1500  
Threaplands Cave 1:300  
Thrupe Lane Swallet    
Thrupe Lane Swallet    
TR7-8, Issacs Creek    
Tynings Barrow Cave    
Tynings Barrow Cave    
Ubley Hill Pot 1:120  
Ubley Warren Pot 1:60  
Washfold Pot 1:360  
Withybrook Slocker 1:120  
Withyhill Cave 1:400  
Withyhill Cave 1:800  
Yordas Cave 1:240  

These surveys are available for download free of charge.  Please note however that the copyright remains with the copyright holder which will normally be the individuals and / or clubs that produced the survey. Permission to use the survey for anything other that personal use and in its original form should be obtained from the copyright holder.

Many of the above surveys were previously held by and made available through the Mendip Cave Survey Scheme which was an informal working relationship between the BEC, CSS, MCG, MNRC, SMCC and WCC. The Scheme was formally wound up in 2009 and scanned copies of the Mendip surveys were given to the MCRA. Copies of the surveys may also be available from the other clubs that were members of the Scheme, or through their web sites.

There is no charge for the survey but we are happy to supply an A3 size print for a nominal cost to cover the paper, ink and postage. Contact Librarian.

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