Cerberus Spelæological Society

Larkshall - Covid Operating Procedures

1st October 2020

The use and operation of Larkshall has been reviewed in consideration of the new government rules introduced in September and Larkshall will be reopened on a limited basis with effect from 1st October. It must be noted however that it is not possible to eliminate the risk of Covid infection at Larkshall. We hope though, to minimise the risk by following various sources of guidance, legislation, and taking sensible precautions.

Individual users of Larkshall will have a different appetite for risk. All users need to understand and respect that their views may not be that of another user. Always act with the emphasis on caution.

It is important that we follow government guidance and legislation in the event that a Covid-19 infected person is traced to having been at Larkshall and that we can show that due diligence has been followed by the Trustees.

It is now mandatory that the Society keep a record of every user on the premises. If you are unwilling to have your attendance recorded, then you should not attend.

On entry to the premises you are expected to scan the QR Code for NHS Track and Trace AND sign in on the new signing-in form giving all the personal details listed, for the Society records. The QR logging in record is deleted at midnight of that day. You will need to rescan on each day of your stay. There is a QR code located at each entry point. The Society will keep written and electronic records of personal details for 21 days and then will be destroyed. They will only be shared with NHS Track and Trace if requested to do so.

Another important consideration is that we do not employ a cleaner. All users must clean up after themselves and should expect that previous users have done likewise but observe that the standard of any previous cleaning cannot be guaranteed.

The committee have carefully considered the new regulations and legislation to create these guidelines for the use of Larkshall - please respect them.

Your feedback is always welcome, and we will continue to review Larkshall usage procedures from time to time.

Below, the term household should be taken to include the government’s definition of a bubble.

From the 1st October the following apply:

To facilitate operation of Larkshall:

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